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7 Best Forex Trading Books For Beginners

Trading in a forex market requires certain knowledge and skills. It is possible to become a self-taught trader with the help of forex trading books for beginners. Here is the list of the best 7 forex trading books for beginners pdf.

  • Forex for Beginners by Anna Coulling

This book is good for any beginning trader. The author talks about volume analysis and shares basic tools and strategies of forex traders.

  • Day Trading & Currency Trading: the Currency Market by Kathy Lien.

This is not the first book about forex from this author. Lien concentrates on the importance of technical analysis and knowledge of technical indicators for the successful trading. A good grasp of statistics and basic knowledge of foreign exchange trading will come in handy while reading this book.

  • Currency Trading For Dummies by Brian Dolan.

The beloved series of introductory books to various fields of knowledge has a good book for beginning forex traders as well. Currency Trading for Dummies introduces readers to the basic trading principles, proving them with a solid foundation as well as gives a comprehensive list of further readings.

  • The Sensible Guide by Cliff Wachtel.

The author of the given forex trading for beginners pdf teaches beginning traders about risk in all its dimensions. It discusses the dangers of uncontrolled risks and slippery slopes of beginning and experienced traders such as having too many positions open at the same time.

  • Profiting with forex: the most effective tools and techniques for trading currencies by John Jagerson.

This book is one of the best forex trading books for beginners. Its peculiarity is in the clear and concise layout of major strategies for trading. They are the best for beginners since they do not require to concentrate on many things at once. For example, concentrating solely on technical indicators, one does not have to worry about economic conditions, at least at the beginning stage of one’s trading experience.

  • Ashraf Laidi’s Currency Trading and Intermarket Analysis.

While Forex is believed to be a separate market, a good trader must know ways in which all markets are linked. This knowledge gives a trader an insight as to how to make more profit by analysing the markets in connection as well as offering a historical perspective.

  • Forex Price Action Scalping: An In-Depth Look Into The Field of Professional Scalping by Bob Volman.

If you want to get a profound insight into price action, here is the right book. Scalping is one of the trading methods, and it is not for beginners. However, if you decided to go for it, get ready to long hours of practice and, possibly, some losses at first.

The books listed above are the best trading books for beginners. Look for forex trading books for beginners pdf, download those you find the most suitable for you and start your trading activity in no time. All the books are easy to read and you can cover them all in a couple of months. Trading is a challenging business, and rush is no helper in this activity.

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